Reasons to shop from us

We carry Luxurious Bath and Body Products made exclusively by us, for you. Our Soap, Lotions, Body Butters and Lip Balms are one of a kind and of the finest quality. We also have a wellness line,that includes hand designed and produced Herbal Tinctures created by a certified herbalist, to help you combat many of today's common aliments naturally. Let us take care of you from the inside out.

What is a Country Store?

It's a walk back in time to a place where you are greeted at the door by the wonderful smells of yesteryear. Where, a friendly face welcomes you from behind the long wooden counter as you walk in. The shelves behind the counter are stocked with quality, local products, which can only be purchased at a Country Store. All the products are simply packaged allowing you to see, touch and smell everything the store has to offer. You walk on the old wooden floors that creak and moan wonderfully with every step. Every order is hand packed and wrapped in brown paper and closed with a string for safe travel. When a Thank you really means we appreciate your business, and please come back is a term used because we really want to see you again. Welcome to our Country Store.